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SEASON 8 - EPISODE 51 Saturday, August 21, 2010 and Sunday, August 22, 2010
Episode 51: Online Now!


Host Adventure: Kayaking Williow Beach

It's a beautiful desert oasis like you've never seen and you too can go there to enjoy its ammenities. WIllow Beach is located at the very northern end of Lake Mohave and is only a short 45 minute drive from the Las Vegas Strip. Chad and Corby have more...

Travel Adventure: Treasure Hunt

You're thinking about pirates, right? Well, you may just want to change what you think about when you hear treasure hunt after you watch this week's travel adventure. Geocaching is a great activity you can do just about anywhere at anytime, and Utah State Parks has some awesome stashes...

Product Review: Polaris 500

Sure it's not as big as an 800, but it's just as powerful and has a lot of cool special features to boot. Darren Kinder has more...

Trailhead: Taking it Back

Take Back Utah is a movement to wrest control of public lands in the state of Utah from the federal government and place that control with the people of the state. Last year, a rally was held at the state capitol to let voices be heard on this important issue. It was a resounding success and this year, Take Back Utah is even bigger...

Victory Accessories: Passenger Arm Rests

The third and final instalment of our series of Victory motorcycle accessory installs brings both Chad and Darren to Tri City Performance in Springville to not only add the great arm rests, but to tell you how you can end up riding home on this very motorcycle...

Planner: Rallies, Rides, and Rowing...

Kory Toone is here with this week's travel planner as usual, and Chad and Corby try to row their kayaks back despite the wind...

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