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SEASON 8 - EPISODE 37 Saturday, May 15, 2010 and Sunday, May 16, 2010
Episode 37: Online Now!

Host Adventure: Riding the Rail Trail

This week, Chad heads out with Kenny and Michelle Buttars from Buttars Tractor in Tremonton. They're out riding the rails, but not quite how you'd expect. It's a unique adventure this week...

Travel Adventure: Heumann Hike

Sometimes pointing to a spot on the horizon and just hiking toward it can be an amazing experience.  For Travel Reporter Steven Heumann and his older brother Tim, it can be a time of enjoyment, understanding, and bonding...

Product Review: Cyclone HD

As Chad points out, you're watching a product review in HD. Well, it's actually on HD, the HD Cyclone fifthwheel. This is a spacious toy hauler with a lot of neat features. Check it out!

Trailhead Adventure: Open Sesame

It's not often you hear about a new trail opening, but in the Green River area of Utah, the BLM and State Parks Service have teamed up to open a brand new 70-mile loop. Check out what it takes to open a new trail...

Planner: Houseboat Time!

Well, it's that time of year again. AYL is giving away another great houseboat vacation down on Lake Powell from Antelope Point Marina. How can you enter to win? Chad Booth has the info...

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