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SEASON 8 - EPISODE 3 Thursday, September 17, 2009 and Monday, September 21, 2009
Host Adventure: Out of Africa

This week the Booth family travels to Africa but without ever leaving the southwest.  That may sound impossible, but trust me, you'll think you're running through the Savanah along with every exotic animal you can think of.  You might even go swimming with them...

Travel Adventure: Braving Whitewater

A kayak doesn't seem to offer a lot of protection against rocks and brutal currents, but for the Utah Whitewater Club that doesn't matter.  Kayaking even the craziest of rivers is nothing to them so long as they get to enjoy their favorite sport...

Product Review: Chilly Inferno

The new Inferno Blizzard Edition is so cool it's hot. Check it out...

Trailhead: Breaking Free

You've been able to skateboard or snowboard for years.  One or the other depending on the season.  Now you can literally do both with a new board that will take you from the slopes to the street and set you free like you never knew possible...

Power Gear: Fantastic Fasteners

Losing fasteners is totally a downer, especially when you down have replacements. Aaron Vezzant shows us some solutions from Rocky Mountain ATV...


This week's winner...

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