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SEASON 5 - EPISODE 46 Sunday, August 12, 2007 and Sunday, August 19, 2007
Wraps: Into the Earth

Above ground adventures are a dime a dozen, and Chad and Corby Booth have done most of them anyway, so this week they try to find fun 250 feet below the ground.  What they discover is actually some mummies of the southwest...

Travel Adventure: Recess Time

You know when you're sitting at work watching the clock tick that you're wishing a bell would go off somewhere and you could sprint outside to enjoy some time playing on the swing set and jungle gym.  You can admit it.  It's okay...

Product Review: Home on the Range

Side by sides are all the same right?  One is that same as the other.  Well in the last two weeks rob Lewis has proved that statement wrong.  This week he continues with another that sets itself appart...

Trailhead: Teaching the Next Generation

Some families go out for a ride on the weekend and that's it.  The ride is all about having fun and seeing the sights.  For the Woolsey family the ride is fun too, but for them there is more of responsability and conservation than the average...

Tips: Camping with Kirby

Ron Kirby is a man on a mission to showcase every campsite in the west.  this week he traveled to Bryce Canyon and found a hidden gem that will make you want to stay for awhile...

Travel Planner: Rounding Up the Legends

Kanab is a small town on the Utah/Arizona border.  It isn't really known for much, but each August it explodes with one of the biggest Western events in the world...

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