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SEASON 5 - EPISODE 43 Monday, July 23, 2007 and Monday, July 30, 2007
Wraps: Swinging Summer

It's a new experience for everyone...or at least for Guest Host Steve Heumann, who took a journey to Wyoming to see what was out there.  He didn't find much, but what he did was pretty impressive...

Travel Adventure: You Only Live Twice

Ian Flemming may have written James Bond as the man who only lived twice, but if you were to introduce him to Marge and James Norris there would probably be two more names added to that list...

Product Review: Boating Chad

Even in a week where the guy isn't hosting, Chad Booth still is able to pop up and give you what you want.  This week he took out a boat that will make you do a double take...

Trailhead: Eat Your Cake

'You can't have your cake and eat it too.'  That may be the case with cake, but if you want to have you ATV and boat with it too, Larry Davis has the OHV for you...

Tips: Big Boy's Gadget

Bryan Lund has found his perfect store: Big Boys Toys.  For a guy who loves gadgets there is no name that is better than that.  Will he find what he's searching for...?

Travel Planner: Pioneer Day Party

Every 24th of July Utah becomes 'The Place,' and 2007 is no different.  Parades, parties, rodeos, you name it.  You also have the chance to win the AYL Summer Giveaway.  What a great day this is...

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