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SEASON 5 - EPISODE 41 Saturday, July 07, 2007 and Saturday, July 14, 2007
Wraps: Mega Mall

Want to surf?  Want to skydive?  Want to rock climb?  Want to do some shopping while you're at it?  The Booth family has found a place where you can do all that and then stop at the food court for a hot dog on a stick...

Travel Adventure: Selling Fun

You could argue that a man can't sell something he knows nothing about.  If that were the case, a boat broker like Kory Toone would be in trouble if they didn't like to boat.  Lucky for Kory, he and his crew love it enough to close up shop and play hooky together...

Product Review: 4X4 Frenzy

4X4 is what Rob Lewis is all about, so whenever a new ATV comes out that is a powerful four-wheel drive, he's got to hop on one.  When the ride is as sporty as it is useful, you've really got something special...

Trailhead: Freedom and Access

Often times we don't think about the simple things we enjoy in life.  For someone like Jeremy Snell, a paraplegic for the past ten years, it's the simple pleasures that mean the most...

Tips: Gadget Guy

Bryan Lund has found the perfect accessory stop for ATV lovers, and he gives you everything could could ever think of...or at least that I could think of...

Summer Giveaway: Winners Old and New

The Porter family called in this week and claimed their vacation prize, then went on to announce this week's winner.  Who was it???  What did they win???  Well, you're in the right place...

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