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SEASON 5 - EPISODE 35 Sunday, May 27, 2007 and Sunday, June 03, 2007
Wraps: Dutch Days of Summer

Summer may not begin for another month, but Memorial Day is here so we are going to celebrate Summer anyway.  Chad and Corby found the perfect venue to do just that...

Travel Adventure: Dual Sport in Kane County

There are more miles of dirt road in Kane county than there are paved ones.  To truly see this astounding land on the border of Arizona you have to turn off the beaten path and look to the horizon.  Bruce Steadman and Mark Habbeshaw did exactly that...

Product Review: The New Victory Vision

Once in a while we get to see new machines even before our reviewers do.  Mike Chesney Regional Rep. for Victory Motorcycles gives a sneak peek at the Victory Vision, the touring model and the street model...

Trailhead: Desert Diving

You won't believe where we found this tropical fish!  At Bonneville Seabase near Grantsville, UT there is a tropical scuba diving retreat, complete with sea horses, angel fish, and yes...Sharks...

Water Works: Waterskiis

Waterskiing isn't a lost sport. There's plenty of skiing to be done. Jeremy and Coop fill us in on what's new.

Travel Planner: This week's winner!

We've got plenty of prizes left, and we're seeing lots of stickers on the roads.  Get yours today!

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