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SEASON 5 - EPISODE 11 Sunday, December 10, 2006 and Saturday, December 16, 2006
Wraps: Smith & Edwards: Willard, Utah

 Roger B normally enjoys giving us cooking tips, but this week he takes the reigns and gives Chad and Corby the week off, instead giving us some Christmas shopping tips…

Travel Destination: Elephant Gap

 What would the trees of Southern Utah say if they could talk? Would these old arthritic trees discuss the view that has met their gaze over the centuries?  Rick and Karyn Evertsen are looking to get to know the land as well as the trees… 

Product Review: Volkl AC4 Unlimited Ski

 The slopes are covered in snow, and we’ve got your new skis covered too. Alta’s Phil Cooke gave us a closer look at what you’ll want to ski with this year…

From the Trailhead: Christmas Wrapping

 Bryan Lund has helped the At Your Leisure team get an extreme makeover on a trailer. Now he moves onto the AYL-Mobile as he wraps one very big Christmas present…

Water Works: Snowboards & Headphones

 Carve the slopes while jammin' to your tunes.  Chance and Jeremy show us what we can look forward to in snowboards and headphones...

Travel Planner: Super Surplus

  Smith and Edwards is a great store, but if it’s a little far for you to drive, there are other places to go…

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